The ‘Stache

Mustache Envy is Dallas’s Premiere Drag King Show!

Various cast members featured, from left to right: Guy Mackswell, Damien Dupree, Buck Wylde, EZ Cummings, Jake St. James, and Lily Lovely. Photo courtesy of Musico Roots.

Born out of a passion for creativity and art, Mustache Envy is not a “troupe,” but a community of Kings and other Queer performers who are setting out to re-awaken the art of the Drag King in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

You can catch Mustache Envy shows on the first Friday of every other month DOWNSTAIRS on the main dancefloor at Sue Ellen’s Dallas and occasionally at other local venues as well (check out our flyers page for upcoming events). Our shows are rowdy, sexy, and a whole lot of fun, with acts created by your favorite Kings, burlesque dancers, and musicians. We also love to feature special guests and community performers, so if you’re interested in performing, please let us know! We are also available for booking other events; please contact us if you’re interested in having us perform.

We are working to set a standard that’s in line with the International Drag King Extraveganza’s (IDKE) mission statement: Mustache Envy “must be a “safe space” (anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-ableist) that respects diversity in all its forms while upholding freedom of speech. We must all be dedicated to dialogue, recourse, accountability and responsibility. Put more simply, all participants must be held accountable for what they say or do, while at the same time recognizing they have a duty to respectfully discuss problems or concerns they may have.”

We want to help cultivate and encourage new performers in the art of male illusion, drag kings, and Queer performance art, as well as provide more experienced performers a regular venue to showcase their work. We also hope to bridge gaps within the LGBT community, promote transgender awareness, and discourage stereotypes related to gender binary.

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